SkyLimit acquired Czech industrial automation firm VMK-CZ

SkyLimit Industry have acquired a majority 70%+ stake in VMK-CZ from FOREZ – the Czech automotive parts manufacturer. FOREZ will retain a minority stake in the company and its key management will continue in their roles. As a part of the transactions, the managers will also buy-in minority stakes in VMK-CZ.

Following the recent acquisitions of STS Olbramovice, INOX Technology, Ventos Energy Solutions and TECHNIK PARTNER, VMK-CZ is the fifth acquisition of the Fund, focusing on medium sized mechanical engineering companies in the Czech Republic, in total and third in  the segment of industrial automation. This segment is characteristic by a high degree of qualified labour and it curently belongs to the fastest developing industrial branches.

Having been established in 1999, VMK-CZ employs 36 people and focuses on the design and manaufacture of single-purpose machines, automated production lines and robotic workstations, including their own electrotechnical and software solutions. It serves clients in the automotive, healthcare, food and other industries and posted a turnover of over 100 mil. CZK in 2018.

SkyLimit Industry group now includes a portfolio of five independent companies with an aggregated turnover of over 600 mil. CZK, with 300 employees and total assets of over 400 mil. CZK. The companies share and develop synergies in the manufacturing process, commercial, technical and managerial know-how.

Source: Skylimit