Versute Investments and BHS PE Fund acquired Altran CZ

BHS Private Equity Fund, managed by Versute Investments a.s., together with company´s managers Petr Havlík, Jaromír Kejval and Milan Křovina, has acquired Altran CZ a.s. (joint-stock company), which will now be called Tiyo a.s. Tiyo is a leading provider of research, development and testing services for various industries. Tiyo provides its services to more than 300 customers, mainly in Europe, with annual revenues exceeding CZK 300 million.

Tiyo is based in its premises in Hořice, Czech Republic, providing professional services of commercially used and accredited testing laboratories. These laboratories specialise in testing of various components for their environmental, mechanical, material, and electrical qualities. Tiyo also provides services in developing and manufacturing of test equipment, in vehicle engineering and electromagnetic compatibility testing.

The company was founded in 1993. In 2016, it was acquired by Altran International B.V., which was subsequently acquired in 2020 by Capgemini SE, one of the leading technology transformation partners for organisations across its value chain.

In 2022, Capgemini Group decided to sell Altran CZ for strategic reasons. The acquisition by the management team and BHS Private Equity Fund was chosen as the best fit. The transaction was executed on 18th of September 2023.

With the new shareholders, the company will continue to pursue long-term business continuity and provide high-quality services in the areas mentioned above. Simultaneously, it will intensify the research and development in the fast-growing segments identified above and further expand and diversify its customer portfolio.

“We are pleased to have partnered with Versute Investments and BHS Private Equity Fund, who have a successful track record in investing in small and medium-sized businesses of our type, to acquire Tiyo jointly. We are confident that this new milestone will bring positive changes and enable the company to meet the needs of our customers and partners even better and provide an even broader range of high value services,” says Petr Havlík, shareholder and board member of Tiyo a.s.

Tiyo becomes the fifth active portfolio investment of BHS Private Equity Fund, which expands its high-quality portfolio with another company that belongs to the group of European leaders in their fields.

“This transaction fits well to the fund’s investment strategy. The fund acquires a company with clear strategy and sustainable competitive advantage, high innovation and growth potential, all in a very attractive emerging sector. Key aspect is that this transaction was carried out with senior management team, whose members became shareholders and our partners. They are very experienced and highly motivated managers, and we are delighted to be opening this new chapter in the company’s life together,” says Luděk Palata, partner at Versute Investments.

In legal matters, the Schoenherr legal team, led by Michal Jendželovský advised on the transaction.

BHS Private Equity Fund, with Versute Investments a.s. being its general partner, is a sub-fund of BHS Fund II – Private Equity SICAV, which focuses on investments in small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Further information about the Private Equity Fund is available at: