Budova Enterprise
Pikrtova 1737/1a
140 00 Praha 4 –Nusle

Filip Budník
Investment Director
Information about the company
Volume of Funds ManagedEUR 40 million
Type of InvestmentLBO, Growth capital
Preferred Ammount of InvestmentEUR 1-5 million in equity
Sectore Preferencesindustry, railway industry, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity
Geographical FocusCR and SK
Number of Deals in CZIndustry part 4 and Digital part 6
Current Portfolio in CZTOP ALULIT s.r.o., PONEC s.r.o., COTRING spol. s r.o., Železniční dodavatelská s.r.o., Lokorent Services s.r.o., Thein Digital s.r.o., Thein Systems a.s., Thein Security s.r.o., Aitcom s.r.o., iBusiness Thein a.s., CROSS NETWORK INTELLIGENCE s.r.o.
Current Portfolio out of CZXXX