HVCA 23rd Annual Investment Conference – Invitation

Dear CVCA Members,

The Board of HVCA is kindly invite you to the 23rd Annual Conference of the Hungarian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (HVCA), which will be held on October 7, 2022, at the Budapest Marriott Hotel.

This one-day event brings together more than 150 participants representing private equity funds, Funds-of-Funds, venture capitalists, CEOs of PE-backed companies, Banks, ambitious start-ups, business angels and more.

Main topics:

  • COVID, war, sanctions; the economic impacts of all of them on the economy
  • Challenges of Hungarian Start-up Investing
  • The challenges and rewards of cross border, co-investment
  • Life after exit of the financial investors
  • Workforce recruitment, retention, and motivation

For further information on the event please click on the below link:


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The member companies of CVCA will receive 20% discount of the conference participation fee. Please indicate the 20% discount in the registration form by ticking the box- discount for CVCA members-.  Please note that the registration fee contains intermediate services (catering), to this the discount does not apply.)

Kind regards,