Lighthouse Ventures

Palác Adria
Jungmannova 36/31
11000, Praha 1
Czech Republic

Michal Zálešák

Managing Partner

Information about the company
Volume of Funds Managed23,8 milionů EUR
Type of Investmentpre-seed, seed, startup financing
Preferred Ammount of Investment20 tisíc – 1 milion EUR
Sectore PreferencesTechnologie, B2B SaaS
Geographical FocusCzech Republic
Number of Deals in CZ23
Current Portfolio in CZPekat, Spaceti, Wereldo, Supersoused, AhoyTeam, NG Aviation, Searpent, UptimAI, Strafos, Persoo, Nulisec, Lyopor, Distro,, Foxdeli, Financial Antivirus, Localazy, Cytokine, Investown, DaySwaps
Current Portfolio out of CZXXX